specializing in the design of premium mobile spaces, FEEKSPACE is delivering temporary architectural solutions for events-, office-, retail and leisure industry since 2010.


Design & Delivering

Mobile Architecture

Exploring the first projects in fast architecture began in 2007 since then we supporting global brands, event agencies, stand building and structure rental companies with a collection standard and bespoke temporary event structures and in 2015 we launched the world`s first truly mobile hotel business. Our portfolio consists of a diversity in projects that have been developed with customers all over the world over the last 12 years.


12 Years


All systems are developed with 10 years of experience in premium event architecture. Easy to construct modular in all directions, lightweight, compact for transport and storage. A piece of mobile architecture designed as a product, able to travel globally.

SMART taking into account all steps from the production, transport, installation, use, dismantling, packaging, transport and storage of the structure.

SIMPLE easy to understand assemblies and construction, use of standard elements and tools with a limited number of parts and operations.

EASY lightweight elements that are easy and safe to handle, lift and move around.

MODULAR a space that can be set up and finished in several configurations (width / depth / height), adapted and furnished for different use purpose or location.

COMPACT in storage and transport

DURABLE & SUSTAINABLE a structure that can be reused over and over again with a longevity made off durable materials with a minimum of service and maintenance.


Frederik van Heereveld


MOBILIZING LIFE is what Heereveld is passionate about. An innovator pur sang graduated at The Design Academy Eindhoven in 2000. Over 19 years of experience, passionate in product design and architecture. His broad interest and abilities have led him to successful projects in very diverse industries, including; automotive, recreational (ONAKCANOES), consumer-, lighting products, furniture (FEEK) and mobile architecture. Frederik mobilized his family on a trip around the world for one year. To soak up other cultures for new inspiration. 20 years of experience will be mixed and shared over the coming years with new products, services and ventures with Mobilizinglife as the framework.


Product Designers

Delivering Mobile Architecture

Pre-fab, industrial design-driven mobile architecture designed by Frederik van Heereveld. The structures are an exemplary realisation of total design and therefore include all mechanics, hardware, finishes, furnishings and lighting. Every aspect is designed and detailed with a product design methodology in mind.

Simple, honest, functional, and beautiful.



& Structural

The materials we build with have been carefully chosen because of the structural and sustainable nature. BAMBOO for semi-permanent structures, with a soft, warm, natural character to use in a living or office environment. ALUMINIUM for temporary structures, sleek, businesslike, clean and lightweight. Ideal for events where efficiency plays an important role.